Opposition uninspiring -Reverend


OPPOSITION political parties in the country are not inspiring the people of Zambia ahead of the 2016 general election, Evangelical Youth Alliance International president Reverend Moses Lungu has observed.

He said there was too much hatred as a result of the divisions the opposition have created in the country with sole aim of making Zambians revolt against a democratically elected Government. He said the opposition should redefined their role if they were to remain relevant ahead of next year’s general elections.

“I call on the opposition politicians to redefine their role as opposed to misleading the people of Zambia that they can manage the affairs of the nation at the rate they are dividing Zambians. There is no leader who can deliver development in a divided nation,” he said. Rev. Lungu said the opposition should be mindful that the people they were addressing and inciting to revolt against the PF Government were more reasonable and have better ideas than they think.

“It is sad that the opposition have limited themselves to name calling as opposed to give the people the best ideas .Their noise is very disturbing and not inspiring at all and it will cost them an election next year. They should give President Edgar Lungu time to govern this country peacefully,” he said. Rev. Lungu said the opposition should know that President Lungu had only been in Government for less than nine months.

“The kind of criticism is scaring away would be investors because it is looking as if the country is ungovernable. I am ashamed to note that the opposition is ready to destroy the country before they govern,” he said. Re. Lungu said it was also shameful that because of failure to reason and have a message for the people of Zambia, the opposition were dragging former President Rupiah Banda into politics. He wondered why it was now the norm that whenever they feel bitter, the first target was former President Banda whom they were now scheming to stop from getting back his immunity.

“What is the point that you should even drag RB and his son into the Angola to Zambia oil deal without researching? Let RB’s immunity be restored because the courts of law found him without a case to answer. He is not guilty. We must be mature and leave RB out of this dirty game,” he said.

Rev. Lungu said all those seeking the leadership of the country should realise that the plight of Zambians was more important than their insatiable appetite for power.

He said it would be a terrible mistake for Zambians to maker if they allowed the opposition to take over the governance of the coun

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