Western Province refs accused of partiality


Division one South Kalomo Jetters Football Club (KJFC) has appealed to the Referees Association of Zambia (RAZ) to monitor referees officiating matches in Western Province, alleging that many of them were biased towards home teams.

KJFC secretary Edgar Mulenga told the Daily Nation yesterday that the situation in the province was worrying and needed agent response from RAZ.

Mulenga said if nothing was done urgently, RAZ would be receiving complaints from time to time over poor officiating which had the potential to create unnecessary tensions among clubs.

He said it was almost becoming impossible for any division one team to win games in Western Province when matches were handled by referees from that region.

“It is impossible for any team from other provinces to play against a home team on Western Province soil and win. This is because the referees there are very biased towards local clubs,

“The teams in the province have been winning games which they would lose if other referees were to officiate,” he said.

Mulenga implored RAZ to monitor individual referees to ascertain their capability.

“Ask any club in Division One South about what it means to play in Western Province. It is like going for a match knowing too well that you have already lost and this is destroying the game of football and the spirit of fair play. Anyone will be able to notice the questionable characters of some referees,” he said.