Dos Santos, Litunga meeting hoax


The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has rubbished reportsthat the Litunga has in the recent past held private talks with Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos in Limulunga over the Barotseland agreement of 1964.

BRE Induna Katema said as much as various dignitaries were free to pay courtesy calls on the Litunga, at no time did the BRE hold talks over the Barotseland agreement with the Angolan President.

Induna Katema said the Kuta had been accused of many transgressions which were not true, as the Kuta meant well for the people.

“There have been accusation that the BRE was holding private meetings with the Government to sign the new Barotse Agreement of 2015, which would see the removal of the ‘crucial’ clauses, and also meeting the Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos among others. That is not true,” he said.

Mr Katema’s comments follow threats by the Barotse youths to storm the Kuta to push for the BRE to state their position on the current status of Barotseland.

He warned youths fuelling tension in Western Province against the actions saying they should instead learn to follow the right procedure.

Induna Katema said it was unfair for youths to embarras the establishment on issues emanating from Western Province.

He said the Kuta would not want to use force in trying to resolve the issues emanating from Western Province, but instead engage in dialogue to find a lasting solution.

Induna Katema said there had been unnecessary tension at the Kuta, following the resignation of two senior indunas, adding that the BRE was determined to ensure the people in the region were updated on the happenings.

“We should not use force in trying to resolve issues, and this goes to our youths who want to do things without following the right procedure, and what we can say is that it is important to follow procedure for anyone to reach consensus,” he said.

However, the Barotse nationalists have been holding private meetings to find the lasting solution on the issues pertaining in Western Province.

Among items on the agenda of the meetings, the nationalists were demanding that the entire Kuta be dissolved so that there was sanity.

The Barotse nationalists are also demanding that former BRE Ngambela Clement Sinyinda gets his position back.

The nationalists claimed that the operation of the Kuta had been paralyzed due to the absence of the Ngambela, since Mr Sinyinda  resigned from his position in 2012.