Independence theme must heal Zambia-Church



ZAMBIA needs healing from the messages of hate, malice, slander, retribution and vengeance and should instead embrace love, peace, reconciliation and unity if the country is to resolve its economic, social and political challenges, the Independent Churches of Zambia has said.

Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) president David Masupa said Zambia had witnessed a lot of hatred among politicians and other citizens and it was encouraging that Government was working at reconciling the country which had been divided by vices such as tribe, ethnicity and political affiliation.

Bishop Masupa said the Church was happy with the theme of this year’s independence anniversary which is promoting a smart Zambia, forgiveness, repentance, compassion and love in God because the country had seen a lot of hostilities among politicians and other stakeholders.

This year’s theme for the 51st independence anniversary is: “Laying the foundation for a smart Zambia, finding forgiveness, repentance, compassion and love in God,” and is based on the scriptures 1 Corinthians 13 Vs 1-13 and John 14, 16 Vs 19-20.

During its 18th Cabinet meeting, Government approved this year’s independence anniversary as a special one following the country’s attainment of 50 years of independence and made an eccelesiatical and ecumenical call to Zambians to preach forgiveness and reconciliation and condemn hate speech so that the country could be united against evil and hate.

Bishop Masupa told the Daily Nation that Zambians needed to pray together and ask God to cast out the spirit of hatred, retribution and vengeance among political leaders because the vices were not helping in building a united country.

He said it was unfortunate that politicians were mainly dwelling on personal attacks, innuendoes and malice in their political discourse at the expense of the many developmental programmes and challenges the country was facing.

“There is no doubt that there has been a lot of hatred, vengeance, retribution, slander and malice among our politicians and other sections of our society. Zambia needs to heal from these vices because as a Christian nation, we need to preach forgiveness, reconciliation and love among each other.  For us as the Independent Churches of Zambia, we certainly agree and welcome this year’s theme for our 51st independence anniversary because we cannot continue on the path of hating and hurting each other because of different political or ethnic association,” Bishop Masupa said.

Bishop Masupa said it was the hope of the church Government and all stakeholders including the opposition political parties and the civil society to live up to the theme because it was true that Zambians needed a new way of political discourse rather than acrimony and antagonism.