PF can be defeated -UPND

THE Patriotic Front (PF) should not be too comfortable and confident about winning the 2016 general elections because they could be courting defeat as the political wind has completely changed in most parts of Zambia including in the regions where the ruling party once dominated, Charles Kakoma has advised.

Mr Kakoma who is United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson said the PF should learn from what happened to the MMD which was overly confident of winning the 20111 general elections but was shocked by the defeat it suffered at the hands of the ruling party.

Mr Kakoma said it was possible that President Edgar Lungu could be misinformed about his popularity by his party and that it was safer for the Head of State to check the reality on the ground because the UPND had gained popularity.

Reacting to a statement by chiefs from Luapula Province who have declared that the region would remain a stronghold of the PF, Mr Kakoma said the traditional leaders could have only been telling the President what the Head of State wanted to hear.

Mr Kakoma explained that he had been to Luapula Province and that the political barometer was indicating that the UPND had made serious inroads as the people were demanding for change of government next year.

He said the situation for the PF in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces was not good for the PF and advised that the ruling party should also be ready for defeat because there was a possibility that there would be change of government next year.

“We are advising the PF not to be too comfortable and confident about victory next year because things do not look good for them. Let them learn from what happened to the MMD in the last general elections because it is clear the ruling party is in courtship with defeat. President Lungu should be the first person to take the initiative of checking the true political situation on the ground because those working with him and the traditional leaders will only say what the President wants to hear. A few days ago, media reports were to the effect that the chiefs from Luapula were not happy with the PF government and suddenly the same chiefs have declared their province a stronghold of the PF…this the President should not believe,” Mr Kakoma said.

He claimed that the people of Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces would not vote in the manner they voted in the last general elections and that the UPND was likely to have motre votes than ever before in the three regions.