Yaluma warns Indeni vandals


HEADS will roll at Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola when the final report on the contaminated commingled feed stock Gunvor Supplied to Zambia is released, Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma has warned.

Mr. Yaluma said he was just waiting for the final report which would be made available to his office in the next few weeks before acting on the findings.

Mr Yaluma said the contaminated oil damaged the Indeni plant a month ago creating panic in the supply of the commodity.

He said the investigations so far confirmed that Zambia recklessly imported contaminated commingled feed stocks which damaged  the Indeni Oil Refinery plant.

“Honestly this has upset me very much. We must not defend our inefficiencies. If the buck should stop at me for being negligent, I have to be dealt with accordingly. I have to be dealt with and there shall be no sacred cow in this matter. And anybody who is in the chain who did not do his job must be dealt with,” Mr Yaluma said.

Mr. Yaluma said Zambia had spent huge sums of money in repairing the refinery which could have been avoided if people responsible had put their mind on the job they were employed to do.

“But now we come and start to look for means to try and counter react to this contaminated oil which we should have avoided if we had put our minds together to the job which has damaged our plant.

This is costly to the nation, we are paying premium to do that something which we should have avoided. This is a problem but the crude oil is being processed and it is almost running out but at a huge cost to the country,” Mr Yaluma said.

He explained that what Zambians knew about Indeni that it had procured contaminated oil was true and it should not repeat itself at any time. Mr. Yaluma said it was also true that Government was not aware of the contaminated oil until Indeni was shut and sent into panic for measures to be applied.

“Zambians know that contaminated crude oil was imported into the country but the government did not with full knowledge import contaminated oil because there are specifications of oil when you are ordering oil for Zambia,” he said.

He said the problem should not be blamed on the supplier because the contaminated oil was allowed into the country and therefore all those involved in the supply chain should be dealt with accordingly.

“This is our own problem and we allowed contaminated oil in the country. The supplier, before shipping must have checked that it is the right specification of the crude oil we need for the country.

We missed everything and this is where I have a problem. This thing happened in 2013 and I did not miss any words, I said it clearly that this should be the last time we are receiving the same supplies which is contaminated,” Mr. Yaluma said.

Mr. Yaluma said the measures put in place in 2013 were correct which if followed could have avoided the contamination. “I am just waiting for the final report to be tabled to me in the next few weeks as it is almost complete. I have asked them to investigate and as soon as they finish, we shall act and heads will roll.

We must do justice and when we are given these jobs, we need to apply our minds. That should be applied to all,” said Mr. Yaluma. In July, Indeni Oil Refinery shut down as key installations got damaged due to faulty crude procured by the government.

On Zesco, Mr. Yaluma said the submission of names for the power utility company has been done and was in the vetting process by the appointing authority.