Jealous husband beats wife for greeting bachelor

Jealousy has pushed a 35-year-old man of Garden Compound into wife beating which has now landed him in court.

Douglas Simachila, a taxi driver told a Local Court in Lusaka that he beats his wife because she is always greeting a bachelor who is their neighbour.

He was testifying in a case in which his wife, Salome Kabichi, 24, sued him for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2009 and  have two children. Dowry was not paid although Simachila was charged K5000.

Kabichi told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Lewis Mumba at Matero Local Court that Simachila did not respect her because he brought womens’ clothes in the matrimonial home which she produced in court as evidence.

She produced ladies shoes, a skirt and a hand bag.

She explained that Simachila did not make love to her unless he wanted to and that would be after two weeks.

Kabichi said that Simachila liked talking to women on phone in her presence and that when she queries him he beats her.

She further told the court that Simachila insulted her and beat her outside the house when he was drunk.

“The other time when Simachila was drunk he wanted to beat me after claiming that he had given me money of which I have no idea.

“He later got some charms  which werin a plastic container and accused me of wanting to make him a fool and eventually kill him using the same charms. He threw my clothes outside the house and told me to go,” said Kabichi.

In cross-examination, Kabichi said that her husband claimed the female clothes were left in his taxi by a customer.

She said that Simachila did not want to make love to her because whenever she touched him he strongly protests  her advances.

In defence, Simachila said that Kabichi was too talkative because she was in the habit greeting every Jim and Jack.

He explained that Kabichi greeted a bachelor neighbour every day and when he complains she  accuses him of being jealous and  he would end up beating her.

Simachila said that Kabichi only stopped talking to the male neighbour after he got married.

In submission, Kabichi said that she wanted the court to teach Simachila some family values because she hadd nowhere to go with children.

Magistrate Newa said that the court will not waste time to talk about marriage because dowry was not paid and that if Simachila wanted to marry Kabichi he should pay dowry.