The cartel is dangerous!

THE cartel, that is the breakaway group from Patriotic Front and mastermind of schemes to sabotage service delivery and the Zambian economy is trying to conceal their wickedness with a show of piety and feigned interest in the poor and suffering.

But actually these men are evil through and through! They are a danger to this country.

They may be behind the blackout that we suffered at the National Heroes Stadium just to embarrass the Head of State who was there watching a game of soccer.

They  always exhibit malicious and murderous hatred against him. They seem to be using some people working for ZESCO who belong to their group and on their payroll to pass negative, gloomy and foreboding statements about the future of load shedding.

These men held the President Sata hostage and controlled all State power.

But because Edgar Lungu refused to be their surrogate president for them to evade taxes and loot public resources to satisfy their greed and oust him from power.

They were busy praising Mr Sata and were even taking pictures of development projects in Western Province in their ka tabloid newspaper but have now started insulting such projects simply because they can no longer remote control of PF government and be awarded contracts and kickbacks for boot licking the head of state!

Their tactics of using, half-truths, innuendos, doomsday language and outright lies seem to be working because some gullible people are seen heavily drinking in such rubbish.

This has been compounded with the economic challenges the country is awash with; the free fall of the currency  due to over-dependence on one commodity(copper) for exports, the capital flights of the foreign exchange earnings by investors, the power deficit due to over dependence on hydro-power plants; the skyrocketing food prices due to heavy dependence on imported goods and services and much more.

We have seen how some ignorant people have come to dislike PF in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces .There have been with threats like ‘if PF does not sort out this mess, they will have no option except to vote for UPND.”

People need information. Unfortunately, we have slothful, indolent, gluttonous leaders who only weakly defend our president in their chairs instead of visiting their constituencies to inform voters what is going on.

The public needs to know the Republican President is not the causer of such problems and that he is on the write path to mend things.

Our ministers don’t realize that this kind of laziness and half-heartedness can see them jobless next year and be at the mercy of political persecution.

But if PF is not careful, we are going to be sheep without shepherds and expose ourselves to impostors who will only come to rip us open!

Enock Mukosha,  Kitwe.

UPND cannot defeat PF in its current form.

THE statement by UPND’S spokesperson Mr Charles Kakoma that the UPND can defeat PF in 2016 in its current form and under the same crop of their top leadership is the wildest dream of the 21 century.

UPND is now moving backwards due to failure by the top leadership to guide their party functionaries and the general membership.

Their members on the social media spend their time insulting President Edgar Lungu instead of explaining their manifesto.

It is the same with their leaders,whenever they hold press conferences, all they talk about is the personality of president Lungu.

The problem with UPND is that they rely on information from the Zambia watchdog which is always not correct to gauge their popularity. The truth is that UPND is on a plateau kind of the growth trajectory.

The man these guys are depending on for researched information Larry Mweetwa who is based in the UK is busy rumour mongering on social media.

The man is not fit for the position that he has been given. UPND needs straight up individuals with a strong marketing bias otherwise they are headed for a serious defeat in 2016.

They should not forget that the PF media team and government have the cream of the media experts this country has ever known such as Sunday Chanda and Amos Chanda.

If I were one of the UPND media team members, I would swallow my pride and learn from the Chandas.

Good public relations does not call for insults and innuendoes, it calls for facts.

In my opinion, UPND will have to change the way they conduct party affairs before they can think of running the affairs of the country.

Today the UPND is associated with all negative issues such as violence, tribalism, lawlessness and lies.

PF on the other hand under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu has cleansed itself of the thuggery tag and is now the most organized party with well-defined lines of communication and well behaved cadres.

This and the other attributes that president Edgar Lungu has such as intelligence, humility and foresight has helped the PF to be many miles ahead of the other presidential hopefuls for the 2016 general elections.

If UPND is serious of ever forming government in the future elections, the top leadership of the party should assume the role of loyal opposition by offering constructive criticism to the PF government and do away with the archaic kind of politics of insults and character assassination .  I call on Zambians to ignore politicians who are in the habit of insulting others.

Enock Chulu, Lusaka.

Nevers Mumba will never rule Zambia

I am thwarted but not staggered with sentiments by the so-called MMD president Nevers Mumba who I inaccurately thought was a man of God.

It is now clear to me that his heart is full of abhorrence and bitterness and that is why he thinks President Lungu lives a profligate lifestyle.

Surely Pastor Mumba just why should a Republican President live like  a compound person when you know very well that is not possible because a president is not a commoner like you and me.

What you said in Post was pure acrimony. Tough luck; you will NEVER rule Zambia. So please go on and find consolation in being green-eyed.

J Mumbi.



  1. The letter by Enock Chulu of 13th September 2015 was a master peice and straight to the point. Although Enock indirectly talked about other opposition political leaders who are in the habit of using abusive language as if it also meant “checks and balances” (in their Kalingalinga university lingual), he however forgot to mention the other people who live on donor money from homosexual (gay, lesbian and same sex marriage) promoters from the West like Edith Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba and Mike Mulongoti. These are men and women who are ever against the word of God by committing sin daily by using abusive language and hate speech. These are people that ever insulting and telling lie after lie everyday, humpty-dumpties who will never be restored and rule Zambia in their lives. Shameless chancers who do not deserve what they got in government in for of positions at our expense, way back, and don’t deserve what they think belongs to them, or the Zambian people will ever give them one day.

    Unless something very miraculous happens today, UPND, FDD, MMD, and other political parties in this country are off my radar screen. I mean I can’t figure them them out at all. I am better off with the devil that I know than a devil I don’t know – you! Please, try and behave like a witness of Jehovah by going from house to house to self your manifesto. Just in case you did not know, my mother and my relatives in the village have no access to internet, Muvi TV, ZNBC or any other “civilised” form of communication, whatever the hell you call it for them to be able to read the Post or Watchdog newspapers.

    Come on, wake up man! September 2016 in nigh.


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