PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe has continued to demonise him and former president Rupiah Banda because they refused to buy into the newspaper’s evil agenda.

Speaking on arrival at Solwezi airport yesterday, President Lungu said Mr. M’membe was a bitter man and that was the reason he had continued to demonise people and leaders who refuse to buy into his agenda.

President Lungu revealed that M’membe had attempted to make appointments to meet him over the issue of the Development Bank of Zambia loan, but he had refused to  grant the meeting.

“Let me tell you why Fred demonises me, it is because of the loan he got dubiously for that defunct Zambian Airways. I don’t know why he did not demonise me when I was working with President Sata. I am close to KK why doesn’t he demonise him? Whenever he sees me with former President Banda, he gets annoyed and bitter. He says President Lungu with corrupt Rupiah Banda. Which court convicted RB for corruption?” President Lungu asked.

He said when M’membe saw the wind was changing in 2011, he hijacked PF and went with Wynter Kabimba to State House.

President Lungu said Mr Kabimba and M’membe knew that the President Sata was going to die but God allowed him to take over.

He said Mr Kabimba viewed him as the reason for his failure to go to State House.

President Lungu challenged Mr Kabimba and Mr M’membe to come out in the open and state their problem with the head of State.

He said Mr Kabimba and Mr M’membe under Sata were in charge of all contracts and other government dealings which he has refused to offer them.

“Now because they are out they are saying Lungu has gone to Angola for an oil deal with (President) José Eduardo dos Santos. This is what they could have done themselves. Probably they wanted to have a deal with Angola but unfortunately President Sata died and left me in charge of this country and I will not allow their deals to come through because they will destroy this country,” President Lungu said. President Lungu said the battle for those who think he was a criminal had been declared and he would face them squarely.

He said they were telling people that he was not fighting corruption because he had not interfered with ACC like they used to do under President Sata.

And former President Banda said the Post hated him so much because they wished he could have run away from Zambia.

He said when he went to Boston University in the USA, Mr M’membe and his friend ran a story about him to create an impression that he was a criminal.

“They wanted me to run away so that they could say I am a criminal. I have been going to court for over three and half years and my acquittal hurts them. Especially that I supported President Lungu a winning candidate but I don’t care,” Mr Banda said.