Lozis differ on Western Province secession


NOT all the people of Western Province are calling for the secession of the region from the rest of Zambia, says Mongu Central Member of Parliament Nathaniel Mubukwanu.

He said people in Western Province had different views on the secession of Western Province.

Mr Mubukwanu said Government’s willingness to approach the Barotseland controversy through dialogue would lead the way to finding a lasting solution.

He said he was happy that the challenges of Western Province were receiving active attention from the Government through dialogue.

“I want to state that not all the people from Western Province are for secession, but they are different views from the people out there. Let’s give chance to the Government to lead the way as they are willing to engage in dialogue over issues of Western Province,” Mr Mubukwanu said.

He advised the people of Mongu to consider dialogue as the best approach to finding a lasting solution to the current controversy in Western Province.

Mr Mubukwanu urged some activists who were inciting some Lozis who were calling for the secession of Western Province to consider that different people had their own different views and opinions.

And the Mbunda Royal establishment spokesperson Kennedy Mubanga has advised the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) led by former Ngambela Clement Sinyinda and others to stop misleading people in Western Province self-determination crusade.

Mr Mubanga alleged that Mr Sinyinda, former transport minister William Harrington and many others advocating the Barotseland secession, were insincere to the people of Western Province because they have failed to spearhead their agenda.

“We found this agenda by BNFA misleading because the people who are involved have failed to stand for the people at a time when they were serving in high profile positions in Government,” he said.

The BNFA, headed by former Deputy Minister of Education Clement Sinyinda, has been spearheading the independence of Barotseland.

Mr Mubanga said it was ridiculous for the Lozis who were previously Government before to champion the restoration of Barotse land Agreement when they failed to talk about it when they were in leadership.

He said the BNFA was now ‘politically irrelevant’ because what they were calling for could have been done at a time when they were in the system.

Mr Mubanga challenged the Lozis serving in Government to publicly denounce the secessionists now if people were to restore confidence in them, adding that their silence meant that they were as well pushing for the agenda.

“We don’t trust them because of their silence, we are appealing to the Lozi ministers currently in Government to publicly denounce those calling for separation, because their silence gives no trust to some of them,” he said.