Minister warns Kitwe council


DEPUTY Local Government Minister Nicholas Banda has directed the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to draw up annual routine road maintenance programme every year which should include all township and urban roads in all constituencies to sustain local economic development and accessibility to social services such as education and health facilities.

Mr Banda said the annual routine road maintenance programme would also enhance the development of local government in the city of Kitwe and improve the welfare of people in various areas.

He was speaking at yesterday during the commissioning of the Equipment bought by the Kitwe City Council for improved service delivery in the city.

Mr Banda said the Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipment, Solid Waste Management Utility Vehicles and Skip Bins being commissioned was procured using internally generated resources and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) at a cost of K8, 058,649.

“As we commission this equipment, vehicles and Skip Bins, Let me take this opportunity to sound a warning to the council management and civic leaders not to abuse this equipment in your custody as any abuse will attract punitive measures. Instead the council must take care of this equipment for continued benefit to the city,” he said.

Earlier, Kitwe Mayor Kelvin Sinyangwe said street vending which had spread to almost all the streets within 100 metres of city centre was one of the major challenges facing the city. Mr Sinyangwe said the growing resistance of property owners to pay their obligations to the council was another big challenge facing the local authority.

“Apart from the highlighted challenges, I can also say the negative attitude of residents towards keeping their surrounding clean and indiscriminate dumping of waste has been another challenge in the city,” he said.