NDP counsels PF


Patriotic Front officials must stop using the Post newspaper because it will twist their statements to cause division and consternation in the party.

Alfred Mulondwe, Secretary for the National Democratic Party said it was fool hardy for the Patriotic Front to give statements to the Post, which in turn selected the most provocative parts to print in order to cause division and consternation in the party and beyond.

The Central committee, he said, should make a very clear policy direction that no member of the member of the party will criticize another using rogue and enemy media which is “too glad” to cause division.

“Those who support the Post must know that they are supporting a party that is determined to remove the ruling PF from Government by any means possible to replace it with the Rainbow Party.” He said.

It was sad , he said, that senior members of the  PF were being made to quarrel in the newspaper where they should not have appeared in the first place.

“It is common sense that giving a statement to the Post is simply fuelling division in a party which should have a very clear policy regarding interaction with the opposition.

There must be a very clear written rule that nobody will talk to the Post without the authorization of the President otherwise these ridiculous incidents will continue to happen to the detriment of the party.” he said.