Patriotism in the hearts of Zambians


THE patriotism in the hearts of many Zambians has been disconnected from the dream of a united and prosperous Zambia, says Youth for Transparency and Integrity (YTI) executive director Bright Muchimba.

Mr. Muchimba said that the purpose of politics had been misinterpreted by politicians in Zambia.

He noted that the hate speeches, divisive language and the trivialization of any statement from both opposition and ruling party had replaced the unity of purpose and patriotism that was there before the country gained independence.

“They have resorted to dividing the country, by introducing a culture of political intolerance that doesn’t promote unity, a culture which is not consistent with the principles of solidarity and coexistence.” Mr. Machimba said.

In a press statement Mr. Machimba further observed that it was disheartening that the disunity among politicians had been inherited by poor young leaders.

He said many youths were unemployed and had to struggle everyday make ends meet.

“This culture, which seemingly was cultivated by the introduction of the multiparty system in Zambia has been inherited by our poor young leaders because of hunger due to high unemployment levels and in their everyday struggle to make ends meet, they have become vulnerable and taken advantage of by some selfish politicians whose preoccupation is to be in office or remain in office at all costs,” he said

Mr. Muchimba challenged young leaders to embrace virtues such as transparency and accountability if they were to become leaders of integrity with prudence and diligence when discharging national duties.

He urged youths to separate themselves from old and corrupt generation of leaders and refuse to be used as agents of hate speech and political violence.

He called on Zambians to put the interest of the nation above that of political parties and individual.

“Let us realize that, regardless of the fact that we are affiliated to different political and civil organizations, we are still One Zambia, One Nation and indeed One People,

“We have to realize that no country prospered when its people are divided and that calls for a new foundation of a new style of leadership and the time is now to make that difference.” He said.