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Edgar Lungu will shame his evil critics


A few months ago the Post newspaper ran unforgettable headline, “Chagwa agwa” and all those who drink from the fountain of evil celebrated. Saturday’s Daily Nation front page picture had President Lungu lifting a block. He is healthier today and readier today on the challenges of the nation because God has blessed him and all those who wish him well have prevailed. God bless Zambia and Edgar Chagwa Lungu.Pf for 2016.

PF Supporter



True, Post is a political



The hate speech, blatant lies, slander and deception perpetrated by the Post newspaper against President Edgar Lungu and his Government clearly show that the tabloid is indeed not an independent newspaper but a political party with a specific agenda of removing President Edgar Lungu and the PF from power at all cost. Having said that my appeal to Government is that they should stop transacting in any business with the Post. As government they should only buy a few copies for the purpose of tracking the tabloids lies and evil machinations.

Joseph Gabriel, Lusaka


UPND should forget about 2016


I find it very interesting the comments in the Daily Nation by Mr Charles Kakoma that UPND can defeat PF next year. I want to advise UPND that as now PF is enjoying more support and PF has penetrated their strong holds. The Luvale province he is talking about has shown that it is still a PF stronghold because in Mansa and Luapula constituencies during by elections his party UPND was beaten even by FDD and where is the popularity you are boasting about. Lungu is not being cheated it is you who is cheating your president that he can win elections next year and this had always been your claims. Even in 2006, 2008 and 2011 you claimed to be popular but the results showed who is popular.




I hate the Post for

 its lies


The President was not booed. I hate the Post for its lies when lights went off, people shouted ‘cartel’. Our hearts were filled with fear for the security of the President. M’membe and the Post your days are numbered.

Oliver Kachepa, Chongwe




Plunderers of Govt

 resources to face the law


It’s high time employees  who have been exploited with slavery conditions of service by these companies and few selfish individuals shielding the plunderers of government resources in the name of management buy out to be taken to task. Their days are numbered. The lid will soon blow off and the law will visit them soon.

Senior citizen



Loss of 17 lives due to

careless drivers


It is very sad and grieving to see innocent lives lost in road accidents that could have been avoided. Most public services vehicles are being operated by individuals who do not even have the necessary qualification, hence making Mumbwa Road a race track at the expense of human lives. I therefore urge RTSA to swing into action, book and charge whoever is found wanting. They should  also impound any motor vehicle not road worthy. Our road traffic officers are too corrupt for the job.

Chanda, Lusaka





Someone should explain events at Heroes stadium


Zesco should explain what happened yesterday at the Heroes Stadium. Shortly before the game power was cut and seven minutes into the game power was again cut. That was very bad and embarrassing at the same time to President Lungu. The surprising part is that the surrounding areas had power Was it a technical fault or load shedding as usual?

Michael Kangwa, Lusaka



Some media houses up to no good


It is a fact that some media bosses and some opposition leaders are sadists and economic saboteurs. The earlier our Government realizes the better for Zambia. These people cannot hold us hostage in our own country as if we don’t think to allow them to continue on the path of destroying our country with impunity in the name of freedom of speech.

Concerned citizen


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  1. Watch out Zambians. It is a sad affair for PF to utilize a pack of criminals in their campaigns. Law is nothing to them. They lack morality and integrity. They are good for nothing but manipulations. Away with them with their pack of criminals.

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