Presidential chopper develops fault

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu yesterday failed to fly out of the Solwezi Airport after his Presidential chopper developed a mechanical fault.

Mr Lungu had to use his motorcade to pay a courtesy call on Chief Matebo where fresh arrangements to fly the President together with his entourage were made.

State House security detail moved President Lungu into the newly acquired Mi171E military chopper which he used for the rest of the campaign.

President Lungu explained to senior Chief Mumena of the Kaonde speaking people of Solwezi that it was not his intention to pay a courtesy call out of the planned schedule.

“Your Royal Highness senior chief Mumena please accept my apologies for coming late to meet you at the palace. We had a mechanical fault and the chopper failed to start. So we came by road. Your royal highness I hope you will bear with us,” President Lungu said.

Later the Presidential chopper was seen at Mukumbi School grounds but President Lungu decided to go with the Mi171E military chopper.

And President Lungu assured the people of senior chief Mukumbi that he would do everything to ensure that they were part of the development processes of the country.

He said Zambia could easily develop if hate and bitterness were discarded.

President Lungu said Zambia was a great nation but was experiencing high levels of poverty because of bickering and the imability to ensure that those in leadership delivered.