Chief Kangombe wants recognition



SENIOR Chief Kangombe of the Nkoya speaking people in Kabompo district has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to gazette him together with chief Mukinginyi and chief Pompola.

And Chief Kangombe has charged that Kabompo and Manyinga district was land for the Nkoya speaking people of North Western Province as opposed to Barotse rule.

In a statement to Daily Nation, Chief Kangombe accused Barotseland chiefs of interfering in the affairs of his chiefdom.

Chief Kangombe explained that when the Barotseland Protectorate Colonial government was introduced in the 1940s they abolished the indigenous chiefs which they had found in the land.

“Chief Pompola was abolished in 1944, Chief Mukinginyi in 1945 and senior chief Kangombe in 1949 putting land of the three chiefs under the hands of Barotse chiefs,” he said.

Chief Kangombe said when the Barotse rule was abolished, the land in question remained in the hands of Barotseland chiefs until Zambia got her independence.

He said after Zambian got her independence, the Government took Barotseland chiefs as indigenous in Kapombo.

He said land in Kabompo and Manyinga was under the control of Barotseland chiefs.

“…As Kapombo chief, I am unable to control issues of early marriages and gender based violence because the land in question is too big to be controlled by a single chief,” Chief Kangombe said.

He appealed to President Lungu and the Patriotic Front government to recognise the rule of indigenous chiefs in order to alleviate cases of early marriages and Gender Based Violence which he said had become rampant.

Chief Kangombe said once recognised by the Head of State, it would help control early marriages and Gender Based Violence among other vices which were affecting the chiefdoms.

He said the Barotse chiefs had continued supressing the indigenous chiefs and were mistreating the Nkoya speaking people of Kabompo.