Dismantle Mines, Energy, Water Ministry…


GOVERNMENT should create two ministries out of the Mines, Energy and Water Development Ministry because all the sectors are demanding, says an expert in the water sector, Evans Chileshe.

He suggested that the water department should be moved from the mines and energy to enable all the sectors receive the same attention.

“When you look at this Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development, it is overwhelmed because all the sectors in it are demanding, and leaving them in the same ministry will see less attention to the other,” Mr Chileshe said.

He said although water supply and sanitation in Zambia was characterized by achievements, they were still numerous challenges that were facing the sector.

Mr Chileshe said there was limited capacity in the sector and insufficient progress in increasing access to sanitation, because some communities still had no access to clean water.

He said there was a high rate of non-functioning rural water systems despite significant foreign aid, saying the economic social and cultural rights were vital in the quest to improve people’s lives in Zambia.

“Most of the areas have persistently been having poor service delivery of water supply and sanitation to communities and these are some of the areas that need attention if all the citizens were to enjoy their basic human rights,” Mr Chileshe said.

He said it was evident that without safe water, sanitation and improved hygiene among Zambians, poverty reduction efforts would continue being undermined thereby impeding efforts Government was making to develop the country.

Mr Chileshe said a lot still needed to be done in many communities to improve sanitation countrywide.

He said initiatives towards the goal of improving water resources management and development of national and local strategies for better resources of water should be put into practice for the benefit of the communities.