Home Affairs gives guidance on NRC


The Ministry of Home Affairs has directed officers issuing national registration card in the mobile exercise to extend the days of work when there is demand even if the seven days allocated to the exercise lapses.

Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali has said the extension of the registration was dependent on the demand of the people in a particular centre. “The movement of officers from those stations is dependent on the demand of the people in that particular centre. So when seven days lapse and the demand is still high, our officers have been advised to extend their work days,” Mr. Suwali said.

He said although the seven days allocated to the exercise was the maximum, there was still an aspect of flexibility in the exercise.

Mr. Suwali said the Ministry of Home Affairs was committed to ensure that a lot of people obtained their NRCs in the mobile registration exercise going on.

“The Ministry will ensure that the officers issue the NRCs in all the centres where there is too much demand,” he said.

And Mr. Suwali said manpower was sufficient in all the centres where the registration exercise was taking place.

“Deploying more officers can be done but I can only say that manpower is sufficient, it is just that Lusaka has very high demand,” he said.

Mr. Siwale said Lusaka had a high population and that could be the reason why the residents thought the process was being delayed.

“The population in Lusaka is very high especially in compounds such as Mandevu, Chaisa, Kanyama but the most important thing is that our officers should work very hard,” Mr. Siwale said.

He however urged the officers conducting the process to work hard to ensure that they handled the process effectively and efficiently despite the high demand.

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