Root out cartel now


THE Patriotic Front (PF) Government is going to betray Zambians if it is going to fail to dismantle and eliminate the cartel which is ready to set this country on fire by fanning anarchy that will make the country ungovernable.

Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) President Wright Musoma said it was incredible that yesterday’s issue of the Post Newspaper carried 17 stories against the President Edgar Lungu and the PF.

“This is not normal something has gone very wrong. This is not journalism it is pure hate and propaganda.”

“We are begging President Edgar Lungu and his Government to be firm and resolute in dealing with the cartel. They are a dangerous and evil group of individuals who if left to continue with their clandestine activities of causing anarchy and political consternation, will make this country ungovernable. This will lead to change of government and if by any form of misfortune the gang got into power, there is no doubt that Zambia will be balkanized and the PF will have to take the blame for failing Zambians,” Mr Musoma said.

He explained that the cartel was desperately aware that their proxy president could never win an election in Zambia and had embarked on a destructive campaign to make the country ungovernable by hiring mercenaries to cause political instability.

Mr.Musoma said Zambians were very worried that Government had taken too long to act on the evil cartel that was creating political consternation in the country with the aim of making citizens rise against a legitimately elected government so that there could be regime change even before the 2016 general elections.

Mr Musoma warned that should the misfortune of the country fail into the hands of the cartel; the ruling party and its leadership would have to take the blame of having the country balkanized by the tyrants whom he said had been hovering over power like vultures.

He said Zambians did not want a repeat of what happened during the reign of late presidents Mwanawasa and Sata in which the cartel became dangerously powerful because they had taken full control of the running of the affairs of the country.

The group of tyrants, he said, used State power to persecute their perceived enemies during the Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata administrations. He said the cartel was a grouping of vengeful evil individuals who would terrorize citizens through their despotic and autocratic style of governance veiled in the failed ideology of socialism.

Mr Musoma said the cartel members had committed a lot of crimes against Zambians and were aware that they could be jailed hence their determination to ensure that the PF Government should be voted out in the next general elections.

“The PF will put a lot of lives in danger if they will fail to decisively destroy the cartel. Its members are known and the financial crimes they have committed against Zambians are well-documented. Zambians saw how ruthless Mr Mutembo Nchito and his friends dealt with late president Frederick Chiluba. We saw it again how Mr Wynter Kabimba and Mr Nchito ruthlessly harassed former president Banda whose immunity was removed at the behest of the cartel and we cannot allow them to continue,” Mr Musoma said.

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