Masebo abusing vulnerable youths-YASD


The Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) has urged Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvia Masebo not to take advantage of the vulnerable youths whom she has been parading for support during her appearances at court.

Program manager Zebedy Lukwesa said it was unfortunate that Ms. Masebo wanted the youths to be part of her problems today when she disregarded them while she was still in Government.

Reacting to the fracas involving Ms. Masebo and UPND cadres who attempted to carry out unauthorised march past after her case was adjourned by the magistrate court on Tuesday, Mr. Lukwesa said politicians should desist from taking advantage of the youths by luring them to engage in acts of violence.

He noted that that there were no way youths would contribute to national development if politicians failed to engage them in meaningful developmental affairs and only found it fit to use them as perpetrators of violence for their benefit.

He said Ms. Masebo’s latest show of disregard for the law was a bad example to the youths who were looking up to her as a role model as she had exposed herself as a failed politician who had nothing worth emulating.

“As YASD, we would like to air our displeasure on the continuous use of youths by politicians who have self-interest in a number of issues. Our comments have come in the wake of recent fight between the police officers and the UPND cadres during the interrogation of Hon Silvia Masebo at woodlands Police station. We want to warn these selfish politicians to stop using our fellow youths when they are in problems,” Mr. Lukwesa said.

He called upon youths to be vigilant by refusing being used by politicians as that would put them in awkward positions in which they could not explain their reasons for engaging in acts which contravened with the provisions of the law.

“Our fellow youths, let us stop being used as political tools by these selfish politicians who are there to gain political mileage and are now taking the law into our own hands,

“ For example, after Ms. Masebo’s fracas, some people, including the youths who were being used by her were arrested but if you ask me about who is suffering, it is obvious their families and not Ms. Masebo.

“This is why we are urging our fellow youths out there that they should be careful with what they do because following politicians blindly will lead you into serious problems like what has just happened,” he said.


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