ZDDM condemn politics of hatred


media must be compelled to observe professional ethics by being factual instead of being used as tools of national destruction and propaganda for some political parties.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said the Government should ensures that the media helped citizens to broaden their understanding of what was going on in the world.

“We are aware of the power of the media as the fourth estate in governance and the dangers of citizens being continuously misinformed on nearly all national matters. The consequences of deliberately misinforming citizens would result into people reacting negatively as was the case in Rwanda and Burundi where thousands of lives were lost in the genocide because of careless and unprofessional media,” Mr Sakala said. Mr Sakala stated that many Zambians were not happy with the retrogressive politics of insults and malice in the country.

Mr Sakala accused the PF of having contributed to the buildup of anger and hate by failing to respect fellow political party leaders, saying dialogue was necessary at time when things were difficult.

He advised the ruling Patriotic Front, State House and the Government to give due respect to other political party leaders.

“As regards to the culture of insults and hate speech ZDDM would also like to appeal to the ruling Patriotic Front and State House not to continue the mistake of putting the President in a cage where he is not accessible,” he said. Mr Sakala said it was important that the country should rise above political differences and face the biting economic situation as a united nation instead of a clique of citizens trying to capitalize on the unfortunate economic circumstances.

He said it was regrettable that Zambians, especially politicians, were capitalizing on the current economic situation and claiming that they have better solutions when everybody was supposed to know that some of the serious problems affecting Zambia were global in nature.