Govt to sink 150 boreholes in Sichili


GOVERNMENT is going to sink 150 boreholes in Mulobezi district in Western Province this year, Vice-President Inonge Wina has announced.

And Mrs. Wina said Mulobezi would also see the construction of mobile networks towers for all networks to reduce the communication challenges which the area was faced with.

Speaking when she addressed a public rally at Sichili Secondary School to drum up support for the PF candidate Denis Lyambai ahead of the September 24, 2015 local government by-election, Mrs. Wina said that the issue of water was of concern to the government.

Ms. Wina said that government was aware that there is a water challenge in Mulobezi district saying that that is the reason why 150 boreholes will be drilled in the area. “I am here to highlight issues of development. Critics are propagating that President Lungu and PF have failed but I want to assure you that PF has not failed that is why you voted for us. I am here to highlight issues of development. That is why Government has decided to give you 150 boreholes in Mulobezi. It was in June 2015 that I visited Sichili for the purpose of supporting our candidate who was standing on PF ticket. It was a tough fight but PF prevailed. PF prevailed because the people of Mulobezi and Sichili in particular have seen what this party is capable of doing to promote development,” Mrs Wina said.

Ms. Wina charged that the PF is implementing a decentralization policy and through that policy, government wanted to see local authorities strengthened.

And Ms. Wina said that Sichili would also receive the construction of mobile networks for all networks to reduce the communication challenges which the area is faced with.

“Before the end of this year, you will see more mobile network towers constructed here in Mulobezi. I was with ZICTA Director General who assured me that as soon as possible, the construction of towers in Western province will start very soon. I can assure you that the towers in Mulobezi will also be delivered as soon as the programme starts off,” she said.

And Western Province PF Chairperson Charles Mututwa told the vice president that the province was calm and there are four by-elections for wards in Sikongo, Shangombo and Mulobez districts.

“I must mention that Mulobezi is still looking forward to the promise made on the upgrading of Mulobezi Luampa road.


We want this road to be upgraded to bituminous standard. We would appreciate if Sichili Day School was turned into a Boarding School,” he said.