Lungu cheers UPND over reconciliation call


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has been preaching messages of peace, unity, reconciliation and love among Zambians and the United Party for National Development (UPND) is happy that the Head of State would want to govern a united Zambia devoid of tribalism, vengeance and retribution, Edward Mumbi has said.

Mr Mumbi has however said the UPND was deeply concerned that while President Lungu had been preaching messages of peace, unity and reconciliation, some of the Patriotic Front (PF) and government leaders were propagating disunity by verbally abusing citizens with different views from those of the ruling party.

Mr Mumbi, who is UPND presidential spokesperson, told the Daily Nation that peace, unity and reconciliation were important moral assets for political stability and the economic development of the country and should therefore be encouraged at all levels of leadership.

He told the Daily Nation that President Lungu would need to speak to his party members and some of his government officials who did not have respect for other citizens.

Mr Mumbi said Zambia was economically on crossroads and that the challenges the country was experiencing could only be resolved if Zambians were reconciled and united under the One Zambia One Nation motto.

Commenting on President Lungu’s call for reconciliation and forgiveness as the country celebrated its 51st independence anniversary, Mr Mumbi said the Head of State was on a good path but that some of his lieutenants in Government and the party were negating his efforts to unite the country by their uncensored and bad language.

“Zambia is at crossroads economically and we do not expect that we would recover from these economic ills anytime soon. And reconciliation and unity is the best way of governing ourselves in peace and harmony and as the UPND we are going to support the reconciliation as we celebrate our 51st independence anniversary. President Lungu has been preaching peace, unity and reconciliation but the problem is with some of his lieutenants both in Government and the party who have been insulting the opposition and using derogatory language against some regions in the country.

Let the President speak to his people in the party and Government as he speaks to the opposition to embrace the spirit of love and reconciliation,” Mr Mumbi said. Mr Mumbi said the UPND appreciated that the Kwacha was a commodity currency and that was why it was suffering from fluidity adding that it needed the resolve of all Zambians irrespective of their political ideologies to resolve the challenge.

And the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) said it was ready to meet President Lungu for dialogue over the many challenges the country was facing.

FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said FDD president Edith Nawakwi had written to President Lungu requesting for a meeting to discuss the current power deficit that had resulted into electricity rationing and the impasse’ on the constitution-making process.

Mr Mwanza said the FDD was however worried about some of the leaders in the PF and Government who had developed a propensity of looking down upon other people.