Register as voters Samfya DC


GOVERNMENT has embarked on a sensitization programme in Samfya District sounding the importance of getting voters cards following levels of ignorance over the matter by most residents, Samfya district commissioner Nason Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said most residents in his district felt getting voter cards was a waste of time, saying they were relying on people who already possess voters’ cards to do the voting, or at least vote on their behalf.

He said this would lead to voter apathy, saying it was likely that few people would turn out to vote in next year’s tripartite elections, hence prompting the sensitization exercise.

He added that the exercise was aimed at changing people’s mind sets towards voting  by making them realise that having a voter’s card was what gave them a right to vote for their preferred candidates and leaders.

“To effectively carry out the sensitization exercise, we have embarked on programs on the district radio station, Radio Bangwuelu where experts and local personnel who are knowledgeable on the matter go to educate people on the importance of having a voter’s card,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said his office was determined to ensure that people turned out in numbers to vote in next year’s election.

“There is nothing more my office wants to see than a huge number of people making a decision to vote for their leaders come next year. If anything, I would be the happiest if we can make a record for the ‘most turned out number of voters’,” he said.

He has since encouraged all Samfya residents to participate in the exercise and ensure that they obtain their voters cards, saying it was their obligation.