THE Seventh – day Adventist (SDA) church has lauded President Edgar Lungu for calling the nation to prayers to ask God to address its challenges.

Lusaka Conference youth director Heighten Hamweene told the Daily Nation that President Lungu should be commended for his acknowledgement of God as the source of wisdom.

Pastor. Hamweene was speaking shortly after he officially launched the ‘Behold He Cometh Crusade’ in Kanyama West Mission District on Sunday.

Pastor. Hamweene said it was time to put politics aside and engage into prayer to ask God to answer to the petitions of the Zambian people.

He said that while it was logical that the depreciation of the Kwacha and the general performance of the economy could have a political inclination, it was important that Zambians petitioned God to address their challenges.

He noted that there was no need for anyone to shun or challenge President Lungu’s call to prayer because God was not limited in His power to address any challenges that most people were going though.

“We are very happy that the Head of State has recognised the need for the nation to pray over the challenges the country is going through. Yes, there is need for us to petition God to address our problems. Actually this should not just be a once off event but a continuous one because we need God’s presence during the times when everything is ok and when we are going through problems such as the economic crisis in which we are.

“No one should politicise this call to prayer because it is made in the best interest of the country. Yes, logically, things such as the depreciation of the Kwacha, the economic challenges and many other difficulties the country is going through may have a political inclination but what is important for all Zambians to understand is that there is a supreme Being who can address all these challenges. This is why we feel we need to come together regardless of our religious backgrounds to pray for our nation,” Pastor. Hamweene said.

And Pr. Hamweene said that there was no need to remove the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation in the constitution because the preamble did not prevent other religious groupings as their existence is recognised in the constitution.

He explained that much as the preamble recognised Christianity as the major religious grouping in Zambia, it does not discriminate other religious faiths.

“We need to maintain the declaration because it does not discriminate against any religious group.

We have other religions in Zambia which are allowed to worship freely because the constitution does not discriminate against them, but merely recognises that Christianity is the largest group,” he said.




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