Lungu a visionary leader-Vincent Mwale



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is a visionary leader, Minster of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale has said.

Mr. Mwale said President Lungu had proved to the nation he was along with his team of Cabinet Ministers were working hard to ensure that the country attained development.

He said the President’s speech at the opening of the fifth Session of the eleventh National Assembly on Friday was inspiring because it defined his vision for the country’s future.

“President Lungu’s speech was good and proved to be a visionary speech to the nation. It has given us a direction as to where the country is going.” Mr. Mwale said.

He observed that President Lungu had set a good example of a leader by outlining his vision and desire of how he would want the country to be developed.

“President Lungu and his cabinet have proved that they are on top of things and I think that is how a good President must be.” Mr Mwale said.

The Minister noted that President Lungu had a passion for developing the country and that his development plans go up to 2064.

He encouraged the youths to remain hopeful and look forward to the future of Zambia.

“The best thing to do for young people is to remain hopeful and know that Zambia has a bright future. The President addressed immediate issues and also gave a direction to where Zambia should be 50years from now. Our first President and his cabinet also had put a lot of things in place which all of us enjoyed 50years later.” The Minister said.