ICT exams scraped for lack of computers

ZAMBIA National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has called on Government to source money to procure computers for all the schools in the country to enable pupils begin learning computer lessons.

ZNUT public relation officer Joe Kasaka said the Information CommunicationTechnology (ICT) exam which was supposed to be compulsory for examinations classes would not be considered because the Ministry of Education had failed to distribute computers to all schools to conduct the exams.

Mr Kasaka stated that because of failure to provide computers to all the schools, it was impossible for teachers to conduct the practical aspect of the ICT exam.

“The ministry has failed to provide teaching aids for us to conduct the ICT examinations and it is exceedingly impossible for teachers to do the practical aspect of the exams without computers,” Mr. Kasaka stated.

He noted that 40 percent of the ICT examinations were practical and 60 percent was theory, adding that pupils would not be assessed on the aspect of theory alone but also on practical aspect.

“As you are aware percent of the examinations are practical, while 60 percent is theory. So children are not going to be assessed on the aspect of theory alone but will also be tested on the aspect of practical the computers. Mr. Kasaka said those that would seat for the ICT examinations, would just write for the pleasure of writing.

He added that ICT examinations were supposed to be compulsory and conducted with all the equipment available in all schools.

“It will not be compulsory, so those that are going to seat for the examinations will do so for the sake of fulfilling their desire of writing a theory examination in ICT. Otherwise it would not count. ICT exams are supposed to be conducted with all the equipment available, so without them it is difficult.” he said.

Mr. Kasaka has since appealed to the Ministry of education to source funds and provide computers to all the schools so that pupils could seat for the ICT examinations.

He emphasised that ICT were very important in education and that government should ensure that it provided ICT learning aids in schools. “ICT can improve education in Zambia, as you are aware the direction which we are moving, everything that we are doing is computerised, so it’s important that children become computer literate.” Mr. Kasaka said.