A SENIOR clergyman Bishop John Mambo has said the day of prayer and fasting decreed by President Edgar Lungu should not be trivialised because it offers an opportunity for national renewal through love and reconciliation.

Bishop Maambo who is Chikondi Foundation president said Zambians must not gloss over the national day of prayer but show love to one another and assist the under privileged.

He said people should use the day to open new pages in life and bury all their political and ethnic differences because the country was in desperate need to heal from its social, political and economic wounds.

“We must embrace the day and bury the past. Let us open our hearts to new things and use the day to help our neighbours. Zambia needs healing from its social, spiritual, economic and political sufferings and we must therefore take the day of prayers and fasting seriously. We need love, peace, reconciliation because without these virtues, Zambia would not know peace and economic development,” Bishop Maambo said.

He added that it was vital for Zambians to eliminate other customs and hold some form of feast during the day of prayers and fasting because people needed to eat to break the fast.

He said the feast would also create a platform for bonding among citizens thereby realising the oneness of the country.

“This should be a day that the privileged should help the under privileged and provide them with food.  Let us give to the needy and share with our neighbours. Let this be the day that we show love and giving. We are one Zambia,” he said.

Bishop Maambo said President Lungu realised that the rate at which things were moving in the country needed Gods intervention hence the need for people to embrace the day.