Lungu preaches end of hunger, poverty

POVERTY eradication is the overarching goal that the world should pursue with unprecedented effort in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development in order to restore human dignity for nations, President Edgar Lungu has said.

Speaking at the UN Summit yesterday, President Lungu said landlocked and least developed countries often faced huge challenges and specific vulnerabilities and that Zambia like many other countries had prioritized the need to end poverty in all its forms and dimensions.

The Head of State said his Government was determined to end hunger and achieve food security at household level and minimize all forms of malnutrition.

“As a nation, we are alive to the fact that there can be no meaningful development if our citizens remain in abject poverty and hunger. It is against this background that we are committed to the implementation of various social protection programmes such as the social cash transfer scheme, women and youth empowerment programmes, the food security pack as well as the Farmer Input Support Programmes,” President Lungu said.

He stated that the programmes were aimed at ensuring that vulnerable citizens were protected from extreme risks and shocks of food insecurity at household level and malnutrition.

President Lungu said social protection was a powerful tool that could be used to reduce poverty and hunger as well as improve food security at household level.

President Lungu stated that poverty could only be eliminated if world leaders deliberately addressed the challenges of realising broad-based pro-poor growth, improved quality human capital, the generation of productive employment and decent work for all.

And President Lungu said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government is pushing for dual citizenship to encourage Zambians in the diaspora to invest back home and enable them participate in the country’s economic affairs.

President Lungu said many Zambians in the diaspora who could not invested back home have been holding on to their money because Zambia did not allow for dual citizenship.

President Lungu was speaking at a meet the Zambian President fundraising Dinner organised by the PF members in the USA where President Lungu’s PF hat was auctioned to a Chinese investor for US$10, 000.