Zambians in South Africa join prayer, fasting day


ZAMBIANS living in South Africa have resolved to join their fellow citizens in Zambia in observing October 18th, 2015 as a day of prayer and fasting in the spirit of healing and reconciling the country as promulgated by President Edgar Lungu.

Zambians resident in South Africa resolved to be part of the on-going preparations for the national day of prayer and fasting through the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria.

They told Zambia’s high commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba that they will be part of the prayers and fasting for the country to seek reconciliation and forgiveness.

According to a statement by press secretary Nicky Shabolyo obtained by the Daily Nation, the Zambian Catholic community in South Africa would also hold an independence mass on 25th October, 2015.

Chairperson of the group, Mr. Chimwemwe Mtonga, said a lot of Zambians in South Africa had always wanted to contribute to the development of their country but had failed to find avenues through which to do so.

“Some of us have done great things for South Africa and it worries us that we have not been able to do not even a small fraction of these things for our own country. We have not been given that chance even when we have offered to help,” Mr. Mtonga said.

He pointed out that the Zambian Catholic community in South Africa had consolidated itself into a formal body and operated under a constitution.

And Mr Mwamba has urged Zambians in that country as well as in other territories under the mission’s representation to take advantage of the upcoming consultative forum on formulation of a national diaspora policy and make submissions that will help address their challenges.

Mr. Mwamba said Zambians living in South Africa, as well as Lesotho and Madagascar, which also fall under the mission in South Africa, should ensure that they attended the consultative forum to be held in Lusaka from 7 – 9th October, 2015.

Mr Mwamba was speaking when he met representatives of the Zambian Catholic community in South Africa at his office in Pretoria on Friday. “We are inviting Zambians living in South Africa and indeed in our other territories of Lesotho and Madagascar to attend the diaspora forum. It is an opportunity for you to voice out your concerns, express your hopes, your desires and your challenges,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba said the forum was key to every Zambian because it could eventually allow everyone to provide certain services as citizens, which they were not empowered to do at the moment.

He told the group that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lusaka could have easily asked diplomatic staff to attend the event and make submissions on behalf of the citizens but had opted to invite the intended primary beneficiaries so that it could get information first hand.

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