Kaizer’s arrest targets Lungu – Lusambo

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should watch out because the cartel that held late president Michael Sata captive is still alive and seeks ways to scandalize and finish him off before next year’s general elections, Bowman Lusambo has warned.

Mr. Lusambo, who is aspiring for the position of vice-president of the MMD, said the cartel was determined to have President Lungu’s trusted lieutenants embarrassed and demonized  as unfit to hold public office, especially those close to the Head of State.

Commenting on the arrest of President Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu last week, Mr. Lusambo said the Presidential aide was a victim of a conspiracy which he said was equally targeting President Lungu ahead of next year’s general elections.

He explained that the events of the last 72 hours leading to the arrest and charging of Mr Zulu needed serious reflection and analysis of what was happening in the country.

Mr Lusambo said Zambians had been calling for the immediate dismantling of the cartel that had infiltrated most of the key and sensitive Government departments and that the delay had made the clique even stronger in their clandestine activities.

“The happenings in the last 72 hours only confirm what we have always suspected that the cartel that was responsible for decimating the Michael Sata presidency is still alive and truly kicking. President Lungu is the primary target but they will get to him by demonising and scandalizing his aides.

“Our investigations as MMD youths have shown that the same cartel masterminded the arrest of Mr Zulu in an attempt to strip the presidency and make President Lungu vulnerable to attacks and make him look a bad leader ahead of 2016 general elections,” said Mr. Lusambo. Mr. Lusambo said that it was not in dispute that gunshot were fired at Chrismar Hotel last weekend  involving Mr. Zulu but wondered why police acted so swiftly to arrest Mr. Zulu when he had also reported an attack on him by the Kavindele brothers.

He said it was also surprising that police had within hours “worked so well” to arrest Mr. Zulu when they had for a long time failed to arrest people leaking Government classified documents.

Mr. Lusambo said the incident at Charismar Hotel was not about a fight involving Mr. Zulu and some people but was a calculated move aimed at undermining President Lungu ahead of the 2016 elections.

Mr Lusambo said most of the key and sensitive Government departments were compromised as the cartel was still operating even in certain departments at State House.

“We know that by embarrassing Mr Zulu, the cartel members will be exposing President Lungu to ridicule and disrepute. In short the President will be vulnerable. He will be an easy target for various political battles.”