Police pursue Lungu’s leaked speech culprits

POLICE in Lusaka are actively investigating the leakage of State House documents involving some senior State House officials following the leaking of President Edgar Lungu’s speech to the 5th Session of the 11th National Assembly to the media.

The police have however closely guarded the names of the officials being investigated fearing that the publication of their names would jeopardise the investigations.

“I cannot say much about that because this matter is under investigations. It is actively being investigated and when the matter is concluded, we shall inform the nation. This is not a matter you can hide,” said Police spokesperson Ms. Munganga Chanda.

She said the police would not give out all information it had gathered, adding that there was a lot of information the police had come across during the probe and that it was going to be premature to start alerting the suspects about the investigations.

“This matter as I said earlier on is actively being investigated. I cannot give information for now. It is too early to release more information than we have already done,” she insisted.

Senior State House officials including those from Cabinet Office were yesterday expected to appear for questioning at Woodlands Police Station over the leaking of the Presidential Speech to the Post Newspaper before President Lungu could deliver it to Parliament.

According to sources from both State House and Cabinet Office, the callouts to the affected officials were delivered on Saturday and that all those who have been summoned were expected to report to the Police yesterday at 09:00 hours.

President Lungu’s speech to the 5th Session of the 11th National Assembly was leaked to the Post Newspaper and was published before the Head of State could deliver it to Parliament.

The sources said following the leaking of the President’s speech and its publication in the Post Newspaper, investigations had commenced at State House and had been extended to Cabinet Office where a number of senior civil servants have since been summoned by the police.

“A number of State House senior officials including presidential aides and some senior civil servants at Cabinet Office have been summoned by the police to help with investigations over the leaking. The police will be questioning all the people who handled the speech of the President to establish how the document was delivered to the Post Newspaper before the Head of State could deliver it to Parliament.

The investigations have in fact been extended to Cabinet Office,” the source said.

The source said there had been too many leaks of classified Government documents and in some cases outright stealing of State secrets and that State House was working to seal all the security gaps.