Portugal ready to help mend Zambia’s economy

PORTUGAL is more than willing to work with the Zambian Government to put the economy back on its sound footing, says Portuguese ambassador to Zambia Eric Marquez.

Mr Marques said that his government was ready to offer assistance to Zambia to develop the economy which he said was not performing well at the moment.

“My government is at Zambia’s disposal in finding ways of mending Lusaka’s economy which at the moment is very slow and not performing well due to falling copper prices,” said Mr Marquez.

And Mr Marquez said his government would offer assistance to its Portuguese entrepreneurs willing to come and improve the lives of Zambians.

“The Portuguese government can provide assistance to its entrepreneurs like civil contractors to come and invest in Zambia.

“We would want them to do contracts that will greatly improve the lives of the Zambian people like in solid waste management including infrastructure; there are approximately six companies in water management that could come over,” he said.

Ambassador Marquez said that a couple of Portuguese companies had already visited Zambia to see where they could offer assistance.

“A couple of Portuguese companies have already come to Zambia and I am hoping they will win some contracts. It is a competitive world but yes the Portuguese can also assist Zambia in the electricity industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ambassador said the Portuguese government treasured the association that it has with Zambia. He said he was proud that some Portuguese contractors were engaged in improving roads in Zambia.

“Others are engaged in improving the Great East Road between Chipata and the Lwangwa Bridge; many Zambian lives sadly have been lost near the bridge and we hope that the infrastructure being pursued by the Portuguese will reduce the carnage on the roads.

“The standard of work is excellent and we are proud to be associated with Zambia in what is happening,’’ he said.