FAZ gets tough on ‘rebels’

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has warned its affiliates not to associate with 2016 aspiring candidates for the March 2016 executive elections or face stern disciplinary action.

And one of the renegades named by FAZ, football administrator Simataa Simataa, has insisted that the forthcoming reconvened FAZ  executive meeting scheduled for October 10 is illegal and has no agenda.

FAZ communications manager Nkweto Tembwe said yesterday FAZ was aware of an aspiring candidate who was inciting clubs to stay away from the October  meeting.

“We are aware of a letter which has been authored by a named aspiring candidate for a FAZ position at the March 2016 elective AGM , requesting clubs not to attend the reconvened meeting set for October 10. Efforts to get some clubs to write this letter on their respective letter heads have failed, hence the anonymous and unsigned letter.

‘’We urge all counsillors to ignore this letter with all the contempt it deserves, lest we fall back into anarchy and mediocrity of 2009-11.

“The association will take stern disciplinary action against any affiliate seen or associating with such malicious and retrogressive propaganda aimed at trying to disrupt the AGM,” he said.

Tembwe advised Simataa to join the mainstream of the football family so that he could stop relying on ‘’recycled third hand information’’.

“From the beginning, it is clear that Simataa has been misled or misinformed himself on this matter of the forthcoming meeting,” he said.

However, Simataa said the proposal by Northern Province Amateur Football Association (NOPAFA) to have two slots into Division one was rejected and wondered why FAZ was bringing up the issue again.

“FAZ should tell us under what authority does the executive committee get the power to reintroduce a failed motion or introduce a new motion without following due process.

‘’The motion was defeated, so it cannot be returned in the same meeting. That meeting is illegal and the more reason I sent emails to all FAZ members,” he said.

At the last AGM, the motion was thrown out by 157 against 85 members and the proposal was taken back to the Provincial Local Organising Committee for analysis.

However, FAZ constituted a three-man committee consisting of executive members to undertake nationwide consultations over the NOPAFA proposal.