Nkoyas demand removal of Kuta in Kaoma

IT will be misleading to impute that Senior Chief Amukena of Naliele royal village in Kaoma district is above Chiefs Mutondo and Kahare, the Nkoya Royal Council has said.

Nkoya Royal Council chairperson David Tamboka has told the people of Kaoma to be careful during the ongoing National Registration Card mobile exercise to recognise their two chiefs, chief Kahare and Mutondo who are gazzeted.

Mr Tamboka said it was unfair that people were being misled that senior Chief Amukena was above other chiefs in Kaoma when there were two chiefs that represented the Nkoyas.

He said senior Chief Amukena represented few a people in Kaoma, saying it was for that reason that Naliele Kuta should be removed from Kaoma district to avoid unnecessary confusion”.

The Nkoyas have demanded the removal of the Naliele Kuta from Kaoma district, claiming that it was the only way to resolve the land wrangles in the area and promote peace and harmony.

Mr Tamboka accused the Lozi indunas of lacking of respect for Nkoya chiefs, adding that the situation in Western Province should not see the Nkoyas losing power on their land.

Mr Tamboka said it was wrong for people to start undermining them when they had their own chiefs who were based in Nkoyaland of Kaoma.

Mr Tamboka said all the structures that were created in the province by the Barotse Royal Establishment had nothing to do with the Nkoyas and therefore the Naliele Kuta should be moved from Kaoma district.

“Whatever is happening at BRE Naliele Kuta has nothing to do with the Nkoya people because we have our own recognised chiefs whom our people should use even during the NRCs mobile exercise,” Mr Tamboka said.

Senior Chief Amukena the second of Naliele palace in Kaoma district commemorated his installation last week.

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