Involve civil society in realising transformation strategies-JCTR

GOVERNMENT has been implored to come up with an inclusive policy that will improve implementation of their programmes such as the industrialization and job creation strategies.

Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) media information officer Tendai Posiana observed that President Edgar Lungu had highlighted important issues affecting the economy and that such pronouncements needed to be adequately addressed so that the measures could be of benefit to the nation.

Ms Posiana said the onus was now on the ministers who were directed to effect the policy reforms because stakeholders were willing to work with the Government to ensure the programmes were implemented.

She said President Lungu’s speech to the 5th session of the National Assembly was buoyant and highlighted a number of issues affecting the economy and measures to address the challenge.

“The President delivered the speech in a buoyant manner and highlighted a number of issues affecting the economy and proposed measures of how to address the challenges affecting the country,” Ms Posiana said.

Ms Posiana said it was encouraging, however, to note that Government was pursuing industrialization and job creation strategies as well as implementing various empowerment schemes under the ministries of Gender and Child Development, Youth and Sport as well as Commerce, Trade and Industry.

She said JCTR was of the view that effective development could only be achieved through practical and networking strategies with the private sector and civil society as well as all relevant stakeholders.

Ms Posiana advised the Zambians to change their mindsets and get involved in the governance system, saying numerous policy directives President gave would not come to fruition without their participation.

“This culture transformation must involve every Zambian and that is the wish of President Lungu. It must start with Government and the President himself and then transcend to every Zambian,” she said.