72 evicted families defy the cold


THE 72 families at ANC flats in Lusaka’s Villa Elizabeth area have vowed to spend nights outside, seeking justice to prevail after they were evicted from the premises.

The tenants were evicted on Tuesday night and left homeless following a directive from the police for the 72 families to leave the premises at midnight.

The residents have now engaged lawyers to take legal action.

The residents accused the police of having victimized them, saying a number of goods had been stolen because the eviction was done during load shedding.

They told the Daily Nation that they lost property worth thousands of kwacha as both the police and unknown people took advantage of the dark to rob them.

“We have lost a lot of things here and some of our goods were destroyed by the police who came with force as they were armed and in riot gear,” said one resident.

The residents further claimed that more than 200 police officers were deployed to evict them, adding that some were beaten during the process.

During the fracas the residents refused to vacate the place and  spent the night outside, saying they were waiting for relevant authorities to address them.

“We will not leave this place because we have nowhere to go, and the only option which we have is to go and camp at Women for Change premises because this is totally inhuman.”

The residents accused the police officers of having stolen and eaten their stored food in their houses, adding that the torture they faced at the hands of the police should not be tolerated.

There has been misunderstanding on who owns the flats, and it was alleged that Women for Change was reported to have won the case in the Supreme Court, but the tenants claimed that the premises belonged to Star Furniture and not the ruling ANC of South Africa.

But Lusaka province permanent secretary Sturdy Mwale told the Daily Nation in a telephone interview that he was aware of the development but that he could not comment as he was waiting for the police to give him a full report.


One thought on “72 evicted families defy the cold

  1. At least people , the police and politicains must have human hearts like them , those 72 families eveicted from the flats , do not belong to pf alone but to differernt polical affliations there fore i urge all political parties to come to the aid of those families be it PF,UPND,FDD,UNIP, MMD to mention afew
    those people have young one babies, kids who are spending nights in the cold, and to make worse the police raids them around 03hrs to start throwing things out side , the police came with cadres and in the event start stealing the tenants goods. emilly sikazwe and women for change should be ashamed of her self, if you can evict your fellow women in the night at 03hrs then were is women for change , what is it for, to make mone from donors and buy flats at the expense of poor families who have lived in those flats close to 18 years i remember i of my niece marriam mush has been living there for close to 18 years , she started living there at the time my daughter was born in 1997,a and she has been there since then my daughter finished school right there at the flats she is now in the uninversity in china but my niece is still there . there fore it is incumbent upon all political parties to come together and help these families who have been displced lets not plitisize this issue, let s find a solution if the flats dont belong to ANC but to another land lord then how did emmily sikazwe buy those flats , mind you that,s zambian land UNIP.PF,UPND,MMD dont have property in south Africano. so to every incident there must be a root cause so lets start investigating emmily sikazwe as i believe she used be a tenant there who can conive with other people with money to buy off those flats having known the history of those flats beacuase she once lived there , i there fore i appeal to the president to help those families as soon we shall have rains th idea of disaster management cannot be intertained let those families go back in to there flats whilst legal moadlieteis are being sought there no floods to declare disaster management, it just legal battle and proper investigations so the tenants could be given an option of buying those flats. iwe emmely uli mwanakashi washani no women for change yobe ulecusha abaikalile ngani we bo kuti waumfwa shani its not fair some of them were yo neighbour why being stone haerted be yo self.

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