Church must unite Zambia, says Bishop


The Church should be a unifying factor in the country, Jerusalem Church national general secretary, Bishop Borniface Mumba, has said.

He  said the Jerusalem Church will continue supporting Government in its quest to provide social services.

In an interview on the sidelines of the Jerusalem Church fundraising event in Kabwe’s Makululu compound Bishop Mumba called on Christians to promote unity, peace, love, justice and bring people to God’s salvation.

Bishop Mumba noted that it was the Church’s responsibility to promote peace and unity in the nation and implored the clergy in the country to take a leading role in the unification and reconciliation of citizens. He said that the Jerusalem Church would continue supporting Government in the provision of social services.

“It is for this reason that we have embarked on various fundraising activities. We are in the process of acquiring land in Kapiri Mposhi district where we want to build a mission for the Jerusalem Church. The facility will be offering training to young people at craft certificate level in metal fabrication, carpentry, farming, tailoring and bricklaying,”  Bishop Mumba said. He said the Jerusalem Church has now repositioned itself and stands ready to work closely with Government in the provision of social services such as education and the health sector because it wanted to contribute positively to national development.

‘‘It will continue addressing social concerns prevailing in our various communities.’’ Bishop Mumba urged members that were involved in agriculture to take farming as a business.

“If you look at the history of our church, most of our members led a nomadic kind of life and did not have opportunities to attain tertiary education. And because of that, most of Jerusalem Church members are peasant farmers.

‘‘And as the national executive committee we have to find ways of ensuring that those that are doing small scale farming are imparted with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. They have to take farming as a business and not as an extra curricular activity,” he said.

Bishop Mumba called on Jerusalem Church branch leaders to provide exemplary leadership in their respective congregations. He implored them to seek God’s guidance in the discharge of their duties; adding that the clergy should not be complacent in their quest to provide spiritual leadership.

Church national overseer, Jenipher  Ng’andu, called for unity of purpose among church members. Ng’andu noted that unity of purpose was important for any organization to attain meaningful development.

She expressed happiness at the  response towards projects initiated by the church national executive committee; but stated that more needed to be done if such projects were to yield positive results.