Male, female, babies share ward in Bwacha

KASANDA community health centre of Bwacha Constituency in Kabwe has one ward which is currently being shared by males, females and children.

The health centre has four nurses to attend to over 50 patients per day in its OPD.

This was revealed on Wednesday during the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) site visit under its media network programme.

A nurse who was briefing the JCTR team touring the area but did not want to be named disclosed that two of the nurses had been sharing one house as the health centre had three houses for its staff.

The nurse said health staff centre had never been paid hardship allowance despite being overloaded with work.

“We do not receive any hardship allowances despite being overloaded with work and being in a rural set-up,” he said.

The nurse said area Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga, through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), had provided funds for the expansion of wards.

He said although the expansion project was in progress, the health centre still lacked manpower to handle over 50 patients per day.

And one of the female nurses said the health centre had only two beds in the labour ward, making it difficult for women who wanted to access maternity services.

She complained that the shortage and long distance to the health centre had contributed to the increase in the number of home deliveries.

“We have a lot of home deliveries here in Kasanda peri-urban because of the long distances to this health centre.  Some patients have to walk for over 30 kilometres to get to the clinic while others deliver on their way to this place,” she said.

And one of the residents Christine Kunda also confirmed that the wards were being shared among females and males including children.

Ms Kunda said the hospital had no manpower to handle all the patients per day.

She appealed to Government to quickly address the challenges  residents were facing at the health centre. Meanwhile, most parts of Kabwe town have been hit by water shortage for four days now.

Residents and marketeers spoken to disclosed that most parts of the district has had no water for the past four days as they were depending on water kiosks and waterwells.