Kavindele apologises to Lungu

ENOCH Kavindele Jr has  apologized to President Edgar Lungu for the  embarrassing conduct in which he and  political advisor Kaizer Zulu was involved.

Mr Kavindele Jr has also apologized to the general citizenry, and families and friends for his behaviour and commended the Zambia Police Service for the efficiency and professional manner in which they handled the matter and has since withdrawn the criminal assault complaint from the police.

Mr Kavindele informed the police that he would not be available to comment on the shooting incidence involving Mr Zulu nor would he be available as a witness in the matter.

Mr Kavindele Jr said in a statement yesterday that he had decided to withdraw his complaint against Mr Zulu for the sake of peace, goodwill and the interest of the nation.

He said he had voluntarily decided to withdraw the complaint against Mr Zulu and was therefore informing the general public that he had since reconciled with the political affairs presidential aide.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda confirmed that State House was in reciept of a statement by Kavindele Jr in which he had apologised to President Lungu.

Mr Kavindele Jr said that on Saturday, 19th September, 2015. Mr Zulu and himself (Kavindele) had a misunderstanding that led to what he called the unfortunate and regrettable incident of shooting and that he thanked God that no harm was caused to either of them.

“I apologise most sincerely for the embarrassment caused particularly to His Excellency the President Mr Edgar C. Lungu, our fellow citizens, families and friends. I also wish to thank the Zambia Police Service for their efficiency and professionalism in handling the matter. For the sake of peace and goodwill and in the interests of our great nation, I have voluntarily decided to withdraw the complaint against Mr Zulu.

Mr Zulu was arrested last week and charged with threatening violence and discharging a loaded firearm in a public place.

One thought on “Kavindele apologises to Lungu

  1. Mr Kavindele Jr you have displayed maturity and wisdom in the matter.It is everyones responsibility to help keep peace of our great nation.If your humility can be manifested even in others, that can reduce strife and the hate people carry in there hearts.Admitance of your wrong..apologising to us the injured by the behaviour..your reconciliation with Mr Kaizer…and the reason for withdrawing the case is a reflection of a true christian .
    Yes whatever happened was un Zambian,it was evident in the debate it attracted.It is good that as soon it was realised ,it is soon replaced by a Zambian character ~peace reconciliation.If we can learn something in our settling of issues from the Kavindele brothers………un Zambian characteristics will not take root.

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