Todays text messages

Shooting was



The so-called firing of a bullet in the Post newspaper was stage-managed. It was intended to implicate the President over M’membe’s utterances against the Head of State. If that bullet was meant to kill Fred it could not have missed. With all pent up, malicious hatred M’membe has against Edgar Lungu, that bullet could have come from only one source:  Fred M’membe himself.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe



Is this our future president?


One of the opposition leaders was on one of the radio stations on 30th September, 2015, and also featured on another radio station the following day. On both live radio interviews this opposition leader said these words “Take your faces away from me,” referring to a caller. Is this a leader we can make republican president? God forbid.

DC, Lusaka


Lungu needs support of all Zambians


Kudos to our beloved President Edgar Lungu for the hard work he is doing. I urge all well-meaning Zambians to give him the support he needs to make Zambia a better place. Our country now is in safe hands. Countrymen and women, be careful with these opposition leaders who can call a journalist a ‘‘big fool’’ when he is just doing his job; very disappointing.

Concerned citizen



Let us avoid

unnecessary criticism


The Government under the leadership of Edgar Lungu is doing tremendous work towards improving the livelihood of the Zambian people.  I wish to advise opposition leaders to refrain from the tendency of unnecessary criticism due to the economic situation as it is a result of the  downfall of copper prices on the international market among other factors. Hence I urge all Zambians to embrace hard work just like our Government is doing with a view to diversify the economy from mining to agriculture to achieve sustainable economic development.

Michael P.




Zambia needs a visionary leader


Let us register in numbers as voters. The future of this country depends on the Zambian people. We are tired of many empty promises, we are looking for real issues this time around. Issues that will change our lives for the better. This time around we need leaders that will speak and act on what they promise and bring back stability to our kwacha. We need leaders that have great vision for this country.




God lifts the humble


HH has called the prayers and fasting set for 18th October as useless. This opposition leader is a danger to Zambia and his bitterness will not take him to Plot One. God exalts the humble and that’s why President Lungu must be supported now and next year.

Fred Mubanga




Lt’s pray for normal rains


One of the prime items on the day of national prayers must be to ask God for a normal rainy season this year. Without good rains again this year our woos will deepen further.

CN, Kitwe


Michael Kangwa, Lusaka



Some media houses up to no good


It is a fact that some media bosses and some opposition leaders are sadists and economic saboteurs. The earlier our Government realizes the better for Zambia. These people cannot hold us hostage in our own country as if we don’t think to allow them to continue on the path of destroying our country with impunity in the name of freedom of speech.

Concerned citizen