A CLANDESTINE  campaign to oust the Litunga, the King of the Lozi people for withdrawing from a petition to the African Union (AU) seeking the secession of Western Province from the rest of the country has been exposed.

Some Barotse activists agitating for the secession of Western Province have hatched a scheme to dethrone the Litunga because they felt betrayed by the action by the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) to refuse to be part of the petition seeking that Western Province should secede.

But the Kuta has called for patience among the Lozi people and advised that resorting to criminal schemes was not the best way of resolving the 1964 Barotse Agreement. A Lozi senior, Nyambe Mulemwa said in a telephone interview that the Barotse activists were not happy with the decision by the BRE to pull out of the petition to the AU and that the Litunga would be held responsible for the failure of petition.

Mr Mulemwa challenged the Litunga to explain to the people of Western Province why he had authorized and approved the Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions, which called for the recognition of the Barotse agreement when he did not agree with the position that Western Province should secede. He said failure by BRE to state its position on the controversial agreement had left much to be desired and if not checked, would bring anarchy in the region.

“Our Kuta should not display double-standards when they know that this issue can bring anarchy and acrimony in Western Province. Let them sit down with all the affected parties to iron out this issue or else nothing good is expected,” Mr Mulemwa said.

Mr. Mulemwa said it was shocking that the Kuta was distancing itself from happenings in Western Province and alleged that the BRE had been witnesses to the demands that Western Province should be independent.

The petition, he said, would not have been sent without the authority of the Kuta saying: “It was sent because the ‘nationalists’ believed that they had the blessing of the Kuta and palace which are the only institutions with institutional legitimacy to endorse the process of secession.”

Reports from Mongu indicate that police have been deployed in Limulunga and the surrounding areas in Mongu for security purposes following reports that a campaign to oust the Litunga and his indunas had been launched.



  1. that now is the only way. a traitor is traitor. surely he must go. his days are numbered and he sould start counting.

  2. It will happen regardless of Zambian security protection. We have other ways of getting at a treacherous Litunga

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