GOVERNMENT has launched a national cleaning programme, ‘Smart Zambia Campaign’, which is aimed at eradicating the indiscriminate disposal of garbage and efficient management of waste to keep the country clean and healthy.

Local Government and Housing Minister Dr John Phiri said President Edgar Lungu wanted cities and townships that were free of garbage which had become an eye-sore in all districts.

Dr Phiri said it was a pity that Zambians were struggling to keep the country clean 50 years after independence.

Dr Phiri advised street vendors to maintain the streets and avoid blocking drainages, saying Government allowed them to trade in the streets to earn a living and they should therefore be responsible.

“To you our friends on streets, the President has allowed you to be there because he loves you. So return the love by maintaining and keeping the streets clean and do not throw garbage in drainages,’ Dr Phiri said. Dr Phiri said his ministry had laws which allowed anyone found littering and making the country dirty and filthy apprehended.

And Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda said he was delighted that government decided to start and launch the Smart Zambia in his constituency.

He said he would take it upon himself to punish all those who would be found breached any laws that have to do with cleanliness.