Barotse secessionists told off

THE BAROTSE Royal Establishment (BRE) has warned individuals and pressure groups calling for self-determination of Western Province through the use of force to stop it because the decision to withdraw from that crusade is final.

BRE spokesperson Induna Katema said the BRE would not succumb to pressure by those calling for self-determination by the force.

He said BRE would not entertain those wanting to take advantage of the situation because its stand on the issue was final.

“We are peaceful parents who want to see that all is well for the people and the use of force will not bring this issue to an end, that is why we do not want to engage ourselves in the current happenings,” he said.

Induna Katema said the Kuta was happy with people who preached peace and unity, adding that it was vital to engage contentious issues in dialogue if lasting solution was to be found.

The Induna assured that BRE would come up with a comprehensive statement at an appropriate time.


And the Nkoya Royal Council chairperson David Tamboka said those advocating for the Barotse self-determination should leave the Barotse Royal Establishment alone because the Litunga of the Lozi people had used his wisdom to withdraw from the current crusade spearheaded by the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) seeking secession.

Mr Tamboka said the stance taken by the Litunga and his people was aimed at restoring peace and unity which was called for in Western Province.

“We are in support of the stance the Litunga has taken to reject the African Commission of Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) petition on Barotse secession. And if the BRE has spoken no one has the authority to question their bold decision because they meant peace and love for all,” he said.

Mr Tamboka said it was not fair to dent the image of all the people when only few individuals had wanted to bring confusion to the region.

“These are the same people who want to take the advantage of the situation, and when they are given something, they keep quiet without knowing what they are looking for. Why is that they were quiet all these years and only want to make noise now, where were they all that time,” he asked.

One thought on “Barotse secessionists told off

  1. it’s not a suprise to read such a statement by BRE. it has been evident for a long time that the BRE is against the wishes of the people. in short BRE is compromised. however BRE must be held accountable for the confusion in barotseland today. the Litunga like Kauda signed a document(BNC) he did not understand. instead of humbling himself, like Kaunda the Litunga has taken his people for granted. and like kaunda this Litunga will never enjoy peace. in modern times the Litunga has tresspssed the Lozi constitution and should be impeached. this Litunga is only in power because of police protection. like his father he will definately learn it the hard way.

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