Cartel wants to ‘bring down State House’

THE cartel is more than determined to put State House on fire to divert the attention of Zambians from their tax evasion scandals and failure to pay the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) loans, says National Restoration Party president Cosmo Mumba.

Dr Mumba said that the battles that some people close to the President such as special assistant for political affairs Kaizer Zulu was facing was meant to divert the attention of the people from the cartel’s shortcomings.

He said the cartel had ganged up with some people within the corridors of power in Government and was using such compromised individuals to peddle their own agenda through leakages of official documents.

He noted that while Zambians were robbed of colossal amounts of money by the cartel, their minds were diverted to non-issues thereby failing to identify those that mattered most by demanding for their monies which could have helped them.

“The picture that is painted on Kaizer Zulu and other Government officials is meant to divert the attention of Zambians from real issues and in the process the general citizenry who have been robbed of justice in terms of tax evasion and the DBZ loans which have not been paid.

“These people have targeted to bring State House down. State House right now is on fire and President Edgar Lungu should ensure that he defends his Government by ensuring that he does not tilt to what these evil people are scheming to do. Mr Lungu should remain bold to what is good not only for his Government but for the country as well,” Dr. Mumba said.

He said that there was no need to underestimate the cartel’s campaign to blackmail Government into believing that what it was doing was wrong and that those who were not in good books were eliminated from power by portraying them to be bad people so that they could be fired.

“So my appeal to the President is that he should not listen to these evil schemers because they will not end at just having one person removed but all the people they think are a hindrance to their plan of blackmailing Government. The President should shame them by not firing any of their targets.

“If President Lungu will fire any of the people that are being scandalised today, he will have satisfied their appetite to wipe out all those they consider as a hindrance in their crusade against Government,” he said.

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