RTSA begins revoking driving licenses for careless drivers


THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has warned that it will start revoking driving licenses for those who will be found to be breaking traffic laws to enhance compliance among the Public Drivers Services.

RTSA chief executive officer Zindaba Sako said drivers who often breach traffic laws with impunity were a danger to the lives of passengers and would therefore not be allowed to continue operating if found wanting.

RTSA public relations officer Frederick Mubanga said Mr Soko has since ordered the immediate revocation of a driver’s License for Juba Transport Limited employee of Lusaka for dangerous driving.

Mr Soko ordered the immediate revocation of Henry Chanda’s driver’s license after he was found guilty of the offence breaking traffic laws.

Mr. Soko has since written to Mr. Chanda to make representation and show cause within 14 days as to why the Agency should not revoke his driver’s licence.

“On 27th September, Mr. Bwalya was seen dangerously driving a Truck and Trailer Motor Vehicle Registration Number AOB163 and 6032T along Kabwe Road, by overtaking at a curve in a manner which was dangerous to himself and other road users taking into account the fact that the track and trailers was carrying dangerous substances (petrol and diesel),” Mubanga said.

Mr. Soko has warned that such drivers are a danger to other road users.

He said that RTSA was vigilantly monitoring all motorists in the habit of jeopardizing the safety of other road users cautioning that all erring motorists would have their drivers licences revoked.

The order for the revocation of the Drivers Licence is under Section 68 of the Road Traffic Act No. of 2002.

The Act provides that notwithstanding anything to the contrary in its content, the Director may revoke a licence or an endorsement authorising the holder of such licence or endorsement to drive a public service vehicle if, in the opinion of the Director, the conduct or character of the holder is such as to render the holder unfit to drive such vehicle from the point of view of the safety of the public.