THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has seized 17 cases of counterfeit Kiwi shoe polish worth K18, 700.00 in its effort to fight sub-standard goods on the Zambian market

According to a statement made available to Daily Nation by  ZABS public relations officer Hazel Zulu, in the continuous effort to protect consumers from substandard products, her organisation conducted routine market surveillances in Kamwala shopping area during the 3rd week of September and seized 17 cases of counterfeit Kiwi shoe polish.

Ms. Zulu said that the confiscated shoe polish was impounded from Sanjary Enterprises, a warehouse in Kamwala shopping area.

“The counterfeit product was actually displayed together with the genuine ones making it difficult for an ordinary consumer to detect the difference. However, alert ZABS inspectors were able to spot the counterfeit product,” Ms. Zulu said.

She noted that shoe polish was one of the products that fell under mandatory standards.

She said there was the Zambian Standard known as ZS 074: 2005 which specified requirements, methods of test and sampling of paste wax polish suitable for general application to leather footwear.

Ms. Zulu stated that ZABS would continue to conduct routine market surveillances around Zambia in accordance with its annual surveillance schedule to ensure that the products that were made available to the market by traders were safe, reliable and meeting the stipulated standards.  She further urged manufacturers, traders and suppliers to desist from developing or importing substandard or counterfeit products into the country, stressing that it was a violation of the standards Act, cap 416 of the laws of Zambia.

“Substandard products are a risk to the health and safety of consumers and a drain on the national economy,” she said. Mr. Zulu appealed to consumers to report any suspicious looking products to ZABS so that appropriate action could be taken immediately.