Evil plotters will fail-Chama


EVIL schemes will not derail the Government’s vision of improving the lives of  Zambians because PF is a focused party that will not succumb to  the machinations of political failures who have nothing to offer, Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Chama has said.

Mr. Chama said that there were  ‘’desperate evil-minded people’’ whose preoccupation was to bring the name of President Edgar Lungu and his Government into disrepute in order to weaken the PF ahead of the elections next year but said PF is not worried because the party had done a lot to develop the country.

He said the slander and hate speech being hurled at the PF was nothing to worry about because they were peddled by frustrated political novices who were jealousy of PF’s achievements.

He said no matter what PF’s adversaries did, the party would remain intact and will continue to woo more people because the party had gained popularity among Zambians due to the unprecedented development projects  the country had witnessed since 2011.

“It is clear that President Lungu and his Government are under threat from evil schemes whose only pre-occupation is to bring Government down because they think by so doing, PF will become unpopular and lose the election next year but we are not worried because these are just a bunch of political amateurs without any direction.

“Having been in politics for a long time, the party has learnt there are a lot of people who are only motivated by hate,  slander and malice and we have not been spared but our track record from the time we came into power is speaking for us.

‘‘Our achievements are there for all the people to see and that is where our strength as a party lies,” said Mr. Chama.

He said those who were scheming evil against Government were bound to fail because leadership was from God and that the plotters should not be given chance to rule  because they would divide the country as they did not have a heart for the people.

“It is unfortunate that politics in Zambia is now driven by malice, hatred, lies and divisive tendencies and these are things that people must guard against because if people who have these characteristics are allowed to rule, they will do anything at the expense of peace, unity and development,” he said.