Hiked fertilizer prices hurt Kapiri farmers


THE increase in fertilizer prices will affect farming activities in Kapiri-Mposhi, says that area’s Kampumba Ward Councilor James Chita.

Mr Chita has since appealed to the Government to check the development because some of the fertilisers were produced locally at Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ)in Kafue and should not be that  expensive.

Mr Chita said local suppliers in Kapiri Mposhi have started charging a bag of 50Kg of fertilizer at K370 from K200, when the NCZ had recently assured farmers that the price for its fertilizers would not go up. He appealed to Government to quickly intervene before the situation got out of hand as some suppliers wanted to take the advantage of the global market crisis to exploit farmers.

Mr Chita said most of the farmers were not able to acquire the commodity because of prohibitive costs, adding the farming activities were at stand still despite the signs of early rains this year.

“We are asking the Government to look into this matter because Kapiri is a farming area and if many farmers will not acquire fertilisers due to high prices, then it means there will be no good harvest in the 2015/2016 farming season,” he said.

He said farmers no longer acquired fertilizers through cooperatives which he believed were easier and quicker sources for the commodity.

Mr Chita also disclosed that Constituency Development Fund (CDF) had not been received yet, saying the increase of commodities could also be as the result of poor road network, which made transportation of goods expensive.

And Mr Chita appealed to the council for more boreholes to cater for the whole community.

He said the currently the only four boreholes were given to schools that had no water while people in the area shared water with animals at a local drying dam.

“We need 70 boreholes to make sure everyone in the community has access to water, but we only received four from the council, which we have decided to give to schools because they were also badly  affected,” he said.