It is strange that a democrat such as Ms Edith Nawakwi can cling to the presidency of the Forum for Democracy and Development against her own belief in tenets of democracy.

We are forced to say Ms Nawakwi believes in democratic tenets because she has preached this in her political life.

Those who follow politics would remember that Ms Nawakwi was one of the young intellectuals who joined the Movement for Multi-party Democracy  before it was transformed into a political party to champion the re-introduction of multi-party politics in 1991.

It is Ms Nawakwi who along with other leaders in MMD who in 2000 fought the third term bid for President Frederick Chiluba because it was considered to be an illegal ambition.

In fact, the formation of FDD as a political party was premised on the strict observance of the democratic tenets.

This is the reason why we find it strange that Ms Nawakwi is running away from the very beliefs which attracted her to FDD from the MMD.

For the uninitiated, Ms Nawakwi has been president of FDD for 10 years now without subjecting herself to a convention to seek a fresh mandate.

Ms Nawakwi’s conduct is not only an abuse of her democratic beliefs but also an assault on the constitution of the FDD which states in clear terms that the party would hold national convention every five years to elect senior party leaders, including the party presidency.

When Ms Nawakwi took over the presidency of FDD from Lieutenant General Christon Tembo, it was after he had served his five-year mandate.

We expected the new leader of FDD to subject herself to a convention in 2010 which did not happen and now this is running into 10 years without any signs of new leaders or the incumbents being retained in their positions.

The message from the FDD leadership is that top leaders in the FDD can stay in their positions as long as no party convention is held.

 We may ask here; what is the hindrance to holding a party convention to elect senior leaders in the FDD?

Obviously, it cannot be lack of party funds because we all witnessed FDD put up a money-oiled campaign in the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election.

It cannot also be lack of party members because Ms Nawakwi had countless pictures of herself with supporters.

In saying all this, we are not exhibiting our dislike for Madam Nawakwi but reminding her of her commitment to democratic tenets.

As we have said, it is strange that Ms Nawakwi would like others to follow what she preaches about democracy but do the opposite when everyone is looking.